Plein cap sur l'été avec Coco Village

The warmer weather has finally arrived, and Coco Village is looking forward to summer with great enthusiasm!

Whether it's an afternoon by the pool, a bike ride or a trip to the park with friends, every day is a new adventure under sunny skies!
Coco Village Sets Course for Summer

What’s New?

Coco Village recently celebrated its fifth anniversary! It's already been five years since the company began fulfilling a daily dream: to offer the best for the world's little humans!
It's a new milestone that testifies to how far we've come, from local beginnings with toddler beds to international growth and a complete range of items and toys from birth through to the early school years.
The evolution of the brand is rooted in the company's values, and reflects a growth aligned with the very essence of Coco Village. The Montessori learning method continues to be a great source of inspiration and a model on which the design of our products is based, enabling us to continually innovate, always with the same concern for the environment and increased attention to detail.
Coco Village is a passionate and dedicated team whose daily mission is to create products that perfectly meet the needs of children and parents, adapt to the realities of modern families, and positively accompany children in their development. Your happiness is our greatest pride.

Something to Make You Smile

A study conducted in the Netherlands over a number of years recently reported in the JAMA Journal of Psychiatry that there is an unmistakable correlation between exercise in children and mental health benefits, even into adulthood.
The results demonstrate how the benefits of an active lifestyle from an early age can be sustained over time and throughout a child's development.
In particular, exercise helps to foster positive self-esteem, both physically and mentally, contributing to a healthier social life and friendships, as well as greater self-confidence.

Smart Lunch

It's sometimes hard to find new snack ideas for kids, let alone healthy ones! Coco Village has the perfect solution: a fruit snack that's also a fun snack! Believe it or not, it exists and your child will love it!
Fruit fries are great and so much fun! This snack appeals to kids' imaginations, and they'll love this reinvented version of fries!
Start by choosing delicious fruits, large enough to cut into long, thin, rectangular pieces. Each piece of fruit should take the shape of a French fry!
Pair it with a great strawberry-banana dip, and you're all set!
Be careful, these fruit fries are to be eaten without moderation!
Here's a simple recipe for the dip!

Keep Busy

Water sponge bombs offer a fun and environmentally conscious alternative to conventional water balloons. These bombs, crafted from sponges, can be soaked in water and thrown or used in water games on summer days.
Water sponge bombs are soft and safe for children and can be reused several times. They are a great outdoor activity that is entertaining and amusing for both adults and children.
Plus, creating water sponge bombs is a delightful and straightforward DIY undertaking that you can carry out with your children. Here are the steps to create them:
1. Cut rectangular sponges into 3 equal strips.
2. Stack a few sponge strips on top of each other
3. Tie a little rope tightly around the center of the stacked sponge strips
4. Spread out the sponge strips to make it round and even
The water sponge bombs are now ready to be used! You can make as many as you like, using different colors and sizes of sponges. They are reusable and perfect for summertime water fun!

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