Le jeu réinventé : Découvrez la nouvelle collection de jouets de Coco Village!

Coco Village introduces exciting new toys, elevating your child's playtime to a whole new level of fun! We've created 9 new wooden toys for aspiring chefs, outdoor adventurers, and car enthusiasts. If your child likes playing with pretend play, this collection offers fun and creative opportunities!
Playtime Reimagined: Coco Village's New Toy Collection!
Our Wooden Desserts Tower is perfect for young chefs. It includes yummy desserts like tartlets, macarons, and cupcakes. A must-have for kids who love baking. This toy ensures hours of creative fun, transporting children to a world of imagination and joy.
Encourage imaginative play and essential skill development with our Wooden Lemonade Playset. Easy to use and beautifully crafted, this set provides endless opportunities for creative play. 
Plus, this toy teaches Montessori concepts to your child. The set includes a pitcher, lemon slices, and a lemon that your kids can cut in half for a more engaged pretend play. 
Make playtime more enjoyable with our Mini Wooden Play Market Stand. A lemonade stand that will keep kids entertained for hours. Additionally, it helps them develop their social skills!
Get ready for a culinary adventure with our real life Wooden Blender. Crafted with quality wood, this realistic blender sparks creativity and sensory exploration in your little chefs. This toy is essential for your kids kitchen. It includes a carton of milk, flour as well as one egg.
This toy helps them make lifelike cooking experiences and bake tasty cakes using this great tool!
Explore the world of imaginative play with our Wooden Stackable Sandwich! This great addition to your child's kitchen stimulates creativity and enhances coordination. This kitchen toy helps kids make sandwiches with a guide showing 10 tasty combinations.
This toy has all the ingredients for a sandwich including lettuce, tomatoes, bacon, avocado, eggs and much more.
Discover the joy of baking with our Wooden Cookies Playset and Accessories! Great for kids who enjoy cooking, this kitchen toy comes with 4 cookies of different flavors promising lots of baking fun. 

Combine our Wooden Play Kitchen with our cookies playset to enhance creative play. This will allow kids to pretend they are baking in the oven, creating a more realistic experience.
Elevate the imaginative spark in toddlers with our charming Wooden Picnic Playset. Crafted with elegance, this set features a stylish basket and an array of accessories to recreate real-world scenarios.
This toy provides endless opportunities for creative storytelling and imaginative play. Kids can have fun with their friends by making their own picnic tables with yummy foods like cheese, grapes, bread, and much more.
The Wooden Gardening Playset is the ideal toy for outdoor fun, allowing your kids to join you in the garden. This toy inspires kids to have fun in the garden with lots of veggies like carrots, mushrooms, tomatoes, and other fun elements. This pretend play offers a unique opportunity for your little one to expand their vocabulary while exploring nature. It also fosters a love for the outdoors in your kids, encouraging an appreciation for gardening through imaginative play and promoting their developmental growth.
If you're planning some barbecues, don't forget about your kids! Bring along this fantastic toy to your next barbecue, where your kids can pretend to grill some fresh produce. Crafted from high-quality wood, this delightful toy comes with a palette of colorful accessories.
Your little ones have everything they need in this portable barbecue, from ketchup to mustard, sausage, meatball, tomato and many more ingredients. After playtime, your kids can tidy up by placing everything inside the barbecue. 

Plus, you or your kids can easily carry the barbecue using the handle! This pretend play set helps kids pretend to be adults, boosting creativity and improving hand-eye coordination.
We designed this innovative toy for our adventurous kids. It features a dynamic track that promotes cognitive and motor development in young children. With five small cars included, your kids can play for hours, exploring speed, motion, and coordination. Watch as they navigate curves, loops, and straightaways, developing their  problem-solving abilities along the way. 

Now is the perfect time to explore our latest arrivals!

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Playtime Reimagined: Coco Village's New Toy Collection!

Le jeu réinventé : Découvrez la nouvelle collection de jouets de Coco Village!

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