5 activités automnales à faire avec votre enfant

Autumn is slowly knocking at our door, and Coco Village welcomes it with great joy. 
Discover 5 autumn activities to do with your child to make the most of this new season!
5 Fall Activities to do With Your Child

Go Hiking

There are so many beautiful places to discover, and fall invites the discovery of orange, yellow and red peaks. Discover the hiking trails near you on a hike.
You'll combine the outdoors, physical activity and fun. Take the opportunity to teach your child about trees, lakes and rivers, ecosystems, plants and animals.
What a great way to connect with nature!

Go Apple Picking

Apple picking is a great activity for kids! Simple and affordable, it is suitable to young and old alike, and makes for a great way to spend time with family and friends.
Many orchards offer activities and workshops during busy periods, such as small farms, apple product tastings and guided tours.
The little ones will be delighted to be able to pick the fruit from the tree themselves. And what a pleasure it is to bite right into it!

Decorating Pumpkins

As Halloween approaches, it's not unusual to see homes decked out in all sorts of fun and scary decorations. It's also the time of year when pumpkins appear on porches; some happy, some sad or scared, many with mischievous grins, and each more unique than the last.
Why not invite this great idea into your home? Pumpkin decorating is a great activity for children, who can really let their creative ideas flow.
Of course, pumpkin carving can sometimes be tricky. To ensure your little one's safety at all times, supervision is obviously essential, and it's important to adapt the activity to the child's age. Younger children, for example, can use glitter, string and markers to decorate their pumpkins.

Planning a Baking Day

Autumn is often a time for comforting activities. Warm foods regain popularity, and the colder, greyer weather keeps people indoors more.
Take advantage of a rainy day to spend some quality time in the kitchen with your child. Create some must-have autumn recipes together, such as cookies, crumble or pies!
The kitchen is an endless learning ground for your little one, where you can not only instill healthy eating habits, but also foster the development of fine motor skills, cognitive abilities and, above all, imagination!
It's an opportunity to share a special moment with your child, combining business with pleasure, and encouraging independence and confidence through a sense of accomplishment.

Creating a Herbarium

Colourful leaves are always a source of fascination for toddlers (and often grown-ups too!). It's so much fun to play in the leaves, to smell their woody, damp scent, or to hear them crunch under our feet.
Take advantage of the most colorful season to create a herbarium with your child. Collect leaves on walks, then dry them flat in a book. Once the leaves are completely dry, glue them into a pretty notebook, and add a few notes and illustrations to help identify each one.
Both an encyclopedia and a precious keepsake, the herbarium is something your child is sure to treasure for a long time to come!
Every day is a new opportunity to discover the world and help your child discover it. Seize every moment!

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