Silicone Veterinary Playset

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Coco loves animals! The Silicone Veterinary Playset is the must-have to take care of your pet friends! Your little one will play and learn how to heal animals and make sure they are happy and healthy! 

Everything is there to allow children to explore, ask questions and gain knowledge. 

The set is cute, and each piece is carefully thought out so that the game can be complete and realistic. 

*The plush toy is not included in the playset.



  • Length: 4" (10 cm) 
  • Depth: 4" (10 cm) 
  • Height: 1,5" (4 cm) 


  • Length: 2" (50 cm) 
  • Depth: 1,25" (30 cm) 
  • Height: 0,25" (0,6 cm) 


  • Length: 2" (50 cm) 
  • Depth: 1,25" (30 cm) 
  • Height: 0,25" (0,6 cm) 

Elizabethan circle:

  • Length: 12,25" (31 cm) 
  • Depth: 7,5" (19 cm) 
  • Height: 0,3" (0,8 cm)  


  • Length: 4,75" (12 cm) 
  • Depth: 1,75" (4,5 cm) 
  • Height: 1,25" (3,3 cm) 


  • Length: 16,15" (41 cm) 
  • Depth: 5,75" (14,5 cm) 
  • Height: 1,25" (3 cm) 


  • Length: 4,25" (11 cm) 
  • Depth: 1,25" (3,25 cm) 
  • Height: 1,25" (3,25 cm) 


  • Length: 4" (10 cm) 
  • Depth: 1,25" (3 cm) 
  • Height: 0,5" (1 cm) 


  • Length: 5,5" (14 cm) 
  • Depth: 1,5" (4 cm) 
  • Height: 0,1" (0,2 cm) 

 X-ray Cat: 

  • Length: 4,75" (12 cm) 
  • Depth: 3,75" (9,5 cm) 
  • Height: 0,1" (0,2 cm) 


  • Length: 3,25" (8 cm) 
  • Depth: 1,75" (4,5 cm) 
  • Height: 1,75" (4,5 cm) 



  • Suitable for ages 3+
  • BPA Free


Please remove the item from its packaging and dispose of all plastic attachments before using. Before the first use, blanch it in boiling water for 3 minutes. Clean the product before each use by wiping it with a damp cloth and mild soap. Wipe it dry and allow it to air dry thoroughly. 

All silicone products can be sterilized in the microwave and are safe for washing machines and dishwashers. Avoid using detergents, solvents, or abrasives that contain chlorine or disinfectants. 

Silicone Toys FAQ

Can silicone baby toys be safely washed in a dishwasher?

Yes, all our silicone toys are dishwasher and washing machine safe, making them easy to clean and maintain for busy parents.

Is there any risk of molds developing?

No, silicone is a non-porous material, which means there is no risk of molds growing on the surface of the toys, ensuring a safe and hygienic playtime experience. What's more, our silicone toys have no holes, which prevents water from seeping in.

How do silicone baby toys help with hand-eye coordination development?

Silicone baby toys are designed with various textures and shapes that encourage babies to explore and manipulate, thus enhancing their hand-eye coordination as they reach, grasp, and interact with the toys.

Are silicone baby toys safe and comfortable for a baby's mouth?

Absolutely! Silicone baby toys are made from soft and flexible material, making them safe and comfortable for babies to chew on or put in their mouths during teething stages. They also are free from harmful chemicals such as BPA.

Are silicone baby toys easy to grip for little hands?

Yes, silicone baby toys are designed with little hands in mind. The soft and pliable nature of silicone makes it easy for babies to hold, grasp, and explore the different shapes and textures, enhancing their fine motor skills and grip strength.