2023 is Off to a Strong Start at Coco Village

Finally, 2023 has arrived! Slowly, the festivities run out of steam, calm returns, work resumes, school starts again, and routine invites itself back into our lives. This is the perfect time to take a look back and indulge yourself in a gentle introspection of the past 12 months.
Several projects and news are to be expected for the future and everyone is more than eager to share this great news with you!
Inflatable Snow Tube

What's New?

2023 is off to a strong start at Coco Village! And to celebrate the beginning of this new year, the company is launching its new website!
From now on, it's a redesigned platform with a new design, which will be available to everyone!
But that's not all! Coco Village has become over time a reference for modern families. This is why the site will offer a “Blog” section in which a new article will be added every week.
From now on, it will be possible to find information and practical tips in addition to learning more about Coco Village!
This is a one-stop-shop for busy parents, devoted dads, resourceful moms, and kids who are teeming, playing, learning and growing!

Something to Make You Smile

In the spirit of the holidays, the entire Coco team came together to celebrate! Amuse-bouches, games and prizes made this evening memorable! Here are some beautiful moments that marked the celebration!
On behalf of the entire team, we hope that your holidays have been sweet and pleasant, and we wish you a wonderful next year!

Smart Lunch

The holiday break is already over. Soon enough, it's back to work and school again. The refrigerator is still filled with leftovers from family dinners and yet the same question keeps coming back: what to do for lunches?
Coco Village combines business with pleasure with this 100% practical and delicious lunch! A very simple idea that allows you to reinvent leftovers from the holidays... to the delight of toddlers!
On the menu:
  • Turkey Wrap
  • Warm mashed potato gnocchi salad with cubes of ham and small vegetables
  • Cranberry Orange Muffins
Here are the basics you need to know to make these recipes!

Keep Busy

To make the most of the cold season, Coco Village offers you a simple activity, both fun and educational, to do during a walk outside: the trust walk.
It is a great activity to strengthen the bond of trust between a child and their parent or even the complicity between two children, in addition to promoting the development of communication skills.
Let’s take the exemple of two children:
Child 1 will be blindfolded and will have to follow the instructions of Child 2. Child 2 will have the task of communicating well so that Child 1 can avoid obstacles and move well in his environment. Then, roles can be reversed!
This game is very suitable for all ages! For young children, the instructions could be simply “go” and “stop”, while older children could add the notions of right and left, or even give a number of steps to take before stopping and waiting for the next directive.
Of course, adult supervision is necessary at all times to keep the game safe!
Throughout the year, Coco Village has worked hard to provide parents with the very best for their beloved little ones! It is with great enthusiasm that the whole team is starting this new year strong in order to keep supporting your daily life.

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