Balance Bike: Tips on How to Ride the Easy Way

Cycling is such a fun activity! Not only does it allow kids to move and spend energy, it also contributes greatly to physical strength, balance and gross motor skill development as much as it boosts a child’s confidence through autonomy.
Balance Bike: Tips on How to Ride the Easy Way
But while this is an important step, the question remains if you are the proud parent of a baby or a toddler: how to learn to cycle?

The answer is simple: balance bikes.
To ensure fun in learning, but mostly safety, and to better prepare your child to cycling, balance bikes are the answer you are desperately looking for!

What is a Balance Bike?

A balance bike is, at its simplest, a bicycle without pedals. It is suitable for the small size of young children and is therefore a safe way to start cycling and transition easily to a pedal bike. Balance bike builds confidence at a young age, develops gross motor skills such as strength and coordination, and helps the child master one skill at a time.
It also is a great way to foster parent-child bonding, and it is easy to use, meaning that there’s less risk of injury.
But on top of all these benefits, let’s not forget that balance bike makes exercise fun!
Balance Bike for Toddlers

What is the Best Age for a Balance Bike?

Balance bikes are perfect for toddlers as soon as 12 to 18 months old! It is better to initiate your child to balance bike at an early age as it has so many benefits for physical health and development, and allows a better and easier transition to a bike when the time comes.
Nevertheless, it is important to make sure that your child’s size and abilities are suitable for the use of a balance bike as every child is different.
Coco Village’s balance bike comes in 3 sizes and has great features to make your child as comfortable as possible when riding!

Nano: the baby balance bike for 1 to 2 year olds

Mini: the toddler balance bike for 2 to 3 year olds

Grande: the kid balance bike for 4+ year olds

The hybrid design allows the bike to adapt to growing toddlers and their changing needs, easily switching from 3 wheels to 2 wheels, with an adjustable saddle to ensure the best possible comfort for the child.
All these features guarantee a light, safe and more durable bike over time.

How to Choose Your Balance Bike?

What are the Benefits of a Balance Bike?

  • Builds confidence

  • Develops gross motor skills

  • Helps childs master one skill at a time

  • Safe way to start cycling

  • They make exercise fun

  • Transition easily to a pedal bike

  • There's less risk of injury

  • Fostering parent-child bonding

How to Teach Your Child to Ride a Balance Bike Safely?

The balance bike is very intuitive! It is the child who directs with their feet directly on the ground, which makes them much more in control of their movements. They will be able to push their own limits according to what they feel capable of, creating a progressive and natural initiation.
Nevertheless, adult supervision is always necessary in order to prevent the risks of which the child may not be aware and to guide them in their learning.

What equipment/accessories does my child need?

Bike Helmets

We can't stress this enough: the wear of a helmet is non-negotiable when cycling! Coco Village also offers stylish helmets that match its balance bike models. Discover sets you'll love as much as your child!
Apart from that, there are no accessories needed, but you can definitely upgrade the set with small additions, such as a bike stand! It is a great item, both cute and useful; it comes really handy when it comes to organizing space and keeping the playroom tidy. While it may not be essential, it surely is a practical item worth adding to the cycling station!

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