How to Choose the Perfect Bed for a Toddler

A bed is probably the most important item to complete a child’s room. Like every parent, you want to make the best choice there is to create a cozy and safe environment for your little one. But where to start?
Toddler beds

What is the Right First Bed for a Toddler?

Transitioning from a crib to a bed is an important step for toddlers, who need to adjust to this new environment.
A lot of things can influence your choice of bed, such as safety, room space, storage needs, aesthetics, etc.
For example, a toddler bed can leave more space to play in the bedroom, but implies an additional transition later on, from a toddler to a twin bed.
A twin bed, on the other hand, can be intimidating for little ones because it's taller and bigger, but it will allow for shared sleeping, or co-sleeping, and there's enough space to encourage cuddling for a bedtime story.
The right first bed for your toddler will be the one that meets your needs and fit your reality.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Bed for Your Child

Think about safety features:

a bed with a bed guard or side rail is preferred as it prevents a fall during the night.

Think about the room layout:

you might want to adapt your choice depending on how much space you have in the room. You can optimize storage and declutter a room by using the space under the bed, or place the bed close to the floor for a more streamlined effect.

Think about design and style:

a bed can and should be an aesthetic item as much as it is a practical one.

Think about the height and width of the bed:

a bed with a bed guard or side rail is preferred as it prevents a fall during the night.

What Size of Bed is Right for a Child/Toddler?

There are two bed sizes available on the market for children, which are toddler beds and twin beds. They both have pros and cons, so it is important to take everything into account so you can make an informed choice.

Toddler Beds

Toddler beds are smaller and usually at floor level. They usually come in fun design and most of them have a safety rail, which is a must for toddlers at a young age. Their smaller size makes them less intimidating for young children when it comes to transitioning from a crib, and they also happen to have the same dimensions, so you probably can keep the crib mattress and use it for a little longer. Toddler beds also leave more space for playing and they are less expensive than a twin bed, so you can avoid another important expense, at least for now.
However, it is important to keep in mind that a toddler bed can be worth it, but will never replace a twin bed. You will eventually have to buy one anyway as your child will outgrow the bed.
Apart from the size, toddler beds also have a lower weight limit than twin bed, and can make co-sleeping and cuddling impossible. Storytime is a precious bonding moment to create and have with a child, so if you go the toddler bed route, make sure you find an alternative to make it happen somehow outside of the bed!


  • More affordable

  • Easier and less intimidating when transitioning

  • Floor level bed inspired by Montessori

  • More space in the room


  • Less sustainable

  • More transitioning for the kids from toddler bed to twin bed

  • Weight & size limitations

  • No co-sleeping or cuddling in bed

Twin Beds

Twin beds are the standard one-place beds available on the market. Because they have a less specific age target, some of them don’t have a safety rail. However, it is essential to have one for your toddler, as it prevents injuries and risks of falling.
It is a fact, they cost more money, but they will last longer afterwards. Plus, you are avoiding an unnecessary transition since your child will have only one bed to get accustomed to!
Since transitioning from a crib to a bed is a big step, a twin bed will give you enough space to co-sleep and spend time cuddling with your toddler, which can be very reassuring during the process.


  • Only one transition for the child

  • More sustainable

  • Enough space for co-spleeping & cuddling


  • More expensive

  • Less room space

  • Don't always come with a safety rail

What Are the Different Types of Toddler Bed?

There are a lot of great options available on the market, whether you’re looking for something very aesthetic, very practical, very fun, or both! Here are some unanimous favorites.

Toddler Floor Beds - Montessori Beds

Toddler “floor” beds, as presented previously, are obviously very common and popular! They are small, less expensive, and often come in fun designs. They are also called Montessori bed because of the immediate independence and autonomy they provide to the child. Indeed, toddlers can easily access the bed by themselves. However, they are not designed to be a long-lasting option; your child will eventually outgrow their bed, and have to go through another transitioning phase to a twin bed.

House beds

House beds are very popular too! They are great, both simple and fun, and timeless enough to last through the years regardless of the room decoration. Sure, it is more expensive than a toddler bed, but you only have to buy it once. No additional bed transition, no other cost, no rearranging the room space.
The house bed design had gained popularity over the last few years for its aesthetic features, but it also a great gender-neutral option to consider. Plus, kids love to create shelters and houses of all sorts to hide and play, so a house bed can definitely become a cozy and fun space for toddlers to spend time and feel safe.

Loft beds or bunk beds

Finally, while it is not an option for a transitioning bed, you can opt for loft beds or bunk beds for kids as they get older! Let’s just start by saying that your kids will love having to climb to get to their bed, but it also is for that reason that loft beds and bunk beds are not suitable for young children.
You should wait until they are 6-7 years old minimum. These high beds are great in so many ways, but the major advantage is the gain of space. The organization of space in height frees up more floor space, which is great if you have a shared bedroom for your children, for example, or simply to make sleepovers easier.
The vacant space under a loft bed could be arranged as a playroom and eventually transform into a studying area.
Loft beds and bunk beds are definitely a good option to consider for older kids if you want to optimize space in a bedroom.

Wood Bed Frame: the Best Material for a Child’s Bed

Choosing a bed is not just about the type of bed that you want; the material also plays an important role. You want a bed that is great quality, cute and durable, and at a reasonable cost. This is why wood bed frames probably is your best option. Wood is solid and sturdy, which means that the bed will last. It is the most sustainable option, especially if you look for eco-friendly painting or go for the natural wood aesthetic.
The main disadvantage is that they are more expensive than some other options like metal bed frames. They are also very heavy to move, so you might want to wait until you are settled in your new home before buying one.
Regardless of those small disadvantages, it is safe to say that their higher cost is a one-time type of expense, so it is worth it when you look at the bigger picture.
When it comes to choosing a bed for your toddler, you can make thousands of different decisions. You know best what your needs are and what is possible for you in terms of space, budget, aesthetic, sustainability, etc.
The most important thing to consider is safety, always. Your child needs to be safe at all times, day and night.
Make sure you support your children in this big change. Be patient, be reassuring, be positive, be present. What really makes the difference in your child's happiness isn't the bed, it's you.

The new House Bed has arrived

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