Great News for Spring

The most beautiful season is upon us: spring is just around the corner and we can already feel it in the gentle day. In this spirit of renewal, here is the good news that warms our hearts at Coco Village!

What’s New?

The beloved Hexagon Playmat is back, this time in 3 colors: Seafoam, Grey and Beige.

This item has quickly become a favorite at Coco Village for babies and toddlers. Designed to be pretty, practical, safe and comfortable, they're perfect for babies who spend a lot of time on the floor and easy to store thanks to the interlocking pieces. It is a real pleasure to be able to continue to offer it to our loyal customers.

Something to Make You Smile

Coco Village's Wooden Bug Catcher & Exploration Set is already a delight for many curious little ones! This unique product on the market is really well thought out to stimulate children's curiosity and transform their playground into a learning experience.
Its small roof opens and is equipped with grills on the top, the front and the back so that the critters breathe well and are very comfortable in their temporary home. The strap is super practical: the child can quickly put it on his shoulder and go on an adventure!
The Bug Catcher comes with a net to catch bugs and a magnifying glass to observe them, as well as a thoughtful identification tag to take pictures of them!
You'll love seeing your little adventurers set off to explore the bugs' world!

Smart Lunch

Sometimes simplicity makes all the difference. In the madness of everyday life, it can be difficult and exhausting to always create lunches that are both healthy and fun.
To make your menu special every time, add a little personalized message to your child's lunch box. They will be delighted to discover this little surprise every day.
This simple little touch can fuel your child's enthusiasm for lunch without turning it into a hassle in the kitchen for you!

Keep Busy

It's cuttings and seedlings season! If it is an annual ritual for many, it can also become an excellent educational activity and a moment of complicity to share with your child.
Not only, the latter will probably be very enthusiastic to be able to help and do like the big ones, he will be able to maintain a long-term project.
Including your child in the maintenance of seedlings and cuttings is a good way to instill a sense of responsibility while remaining fun. It is a constructive experience that is very positive for the child who develops his autonomy and nourishes his curiosity, in addition to strengthening his confidence through a feeling of accomplishment and the success of a goal.

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