Linen & Cotton Quilted Playmat - Sunflower

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Even if we wanted to, we can't have our little baby in our arms all day long. TA-DAM! Here are our superb Linen & Cotton Quilted Playmats! 

A playmat is clearly an essential! Besides being perfect for tummy time, the time spent on the mat helps develop their motor skills and strengthen their neck and shoulder muscles. And let's be honest, it also gives us a little break! Whether it's to call your mom, cook something a little more sophisticated than a peanut butter toast or simply use the bathroom, this playmat is a blessing! (But of course, never leave your baby unattended)

Well padded, these are comfortable and easy to maintain (washer and dryer, y'all!)

You and your baby will totally fall in love with it. Their only big flaw? Their different designs are way too beautiful which makes the choice really difficult. Showing the same neutral and soft color as our SEASHELL one, this sublime SUNFLOWER has everything you need to make these floor moments with your baby as beautiful as they are enjoyable! And honestly, who doesn't love sunflowers?