Chef Costume 2-5Y

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$49.99 USD

A pinch of salt, mix well and voila!

Delicious! It's worth at least ... 4 Michelin stars!

These paper spaghetti balls are clearly the best in their class.

What a chef this little one!

With their apron, chef's hat, oven mitts and kitchen utensils, your kiddos are ready to cook the biggest feast in the world!

There is no limit to the imagination of our little ones and pretend play is such a fun way of learning!




  • Available in 2 sizes: Small (2-3 years old) Large (4-5 years old)
  • Exclusive design
  • Machine washable apron, chef's hat and oven mitts (you're welcome!)
  • Apron, chef's hat and oven mitts made of 100% cotton
  • Kitchen utensils made of pinewood
  • Made of thick and resistant cotton
  • Canada SOR-2011-17 (Canada) 


Machine wash cold and air dry. Do not iron.