100% Organic Cotton Flat Sheet Kanyon - Mist

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Our 100% organic cotton flat sheets is the first layer of love a child feels once they doze off into their dreams. Durable and soft, your little one will love the feel and touch of this high-quality flat sheet. The quintessential classic colors or ludic designs can be paired with a fitted sheet, duvet and/or pillowcases of the same inspiration and collection. Together, they assure a good night’s sleep! 

Let the tera-cotta Cali desert heat warm your little one’s heart with the KANYON collection. Looking over the sand plains of the Mojave Desert or the sandy beaches along the coast, you can only feel relaxed and light. This collection will add a calming boho feel to your rooms. The easygoing beige, sand and light brown color palette offers a soothing experience for our desert friends, why not offer yourself that luxury in your own home? 

If we want a healthy future for our planet, we have to rethink. Rethink every decision, so we can make a difference. Rethink for all our little ones. Bringing organic cotton-based products into our homes is a small, yet significant choice to make so the world can be a better place. What does organic cotton mean? It means choosing raw materials that are durable and ethically sourced. It means helping preserve the health of our soil, it means a cotton that is free of all toxic chemicals and/or chemical products. It means a quality product that is durable and soft to the touch of our little ones’ delicate skin.    



  • Length : 95" (241.25cm)
  • Width : 65" (165cm)


  • Length : 95" (241.25cm)
  • Width : 80.75" (205cm)


  • Made of 100% organic cotton. GOTS certified.
  • 200 Thread count
  • Suitable for mattresses up to 6" (15.25 cm)
  • Exclusive design
  • Available in 2 sizes, twin and double/full size
  • 1 Box