We Dream Big for the Little Ones

The new House Bed has arrived.

Coco Village goes back to its roots to offer parents a superior quality bed and a unique design. 
Unbelievable launch offer starting at only $229 USD. Our best price ever! 

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The concept

A trendy bed, offering several options, and an affordable price.
 A hybrid concept that stands out on the market.
House beds - Montessori Floor Beds

The options

Choose from 6 assembly options.

1. House structure

House Bed

2. House structure with floor mattress

Montessori Floor Bed

3. House structure with bed frame

Wooden Bed Frame

4. House structure with bed frame and rails

Wooden Bed Frame with Rails

5. Bed frame with rails

Bed Frame with Rails

6. Bed frame

Bed Frame

Choose from 4 matching colors.

It is possible to buy each piece separately and mix colors. 
All pieces are compatible.
1. Choose a House Structure
2. Add a Bed Frame (optional)
3. Add Bed Frame Rails (optional)
Toddler House Bed

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The benefits

  • Easy to assemble

  • Simple and lightweight structure

  • Safe

  • Clean and minimalist look

  • Exceptional quality

  • Affordable Price

  • hybrid design

Montessori-inspired House Beds

Reviews which make us dream

Discover why customers love Coco Village's beds
« I love this bed, my son too. He loves to sleep in his own little house. »

- Jocelyne G.

« Very easy to assemble and so sturdy! I highly recommend. »

- Elizabeth L.

« Love this! Trendy design and easy to put together. Perfect for toddler learning to get in and out of bed independently. Also bought another one as a reading nook in the playroom. »

- Edward M.

« This bed has brought such a modern touch to my daughter's room, I have received so many compliments! The house structure is adorable. »

- Marie-Claude L.

« We have twins and thanks to the affordable price of the house bed, they each have one in their room. They absolutely love it! »

- Robert P.

« We have purchased the playhouse structure for the basement playroom. My girls love having their own little corner to read and draw! »

- Sophie D.

« I was looking for a bed that was safe and solid but with a little extra aesthetic appeal. This is the perfect model! »

- Anne-Marie C.

« My husband and I are not really into manual work but this bed came together in no time. It's beautiful and super affordable! »

- Shannon W.

« I’m so in love with this bed!! It’s easy to assemble and really good quality! »

- Jennifer H.


Get to know our products better by browsing the most frequently asked questions!
Can I buy the pieces separately?
Yes, all the pieces are sold separately. You can therefore choose and create a bed model according to your needs.

What are the bed frame’s dimensions?

The dimensions correspond to the standards of a single bed, i.e. 1917mm x 1002mm (internal dimensions) and 1955mm x 1040mm (external dimensions).

Can I put the mattress directly on the floor with the house structure?

Of course you can! This is part of the assembly options. However, Coco Village strongly recommends considering the addition of a bed frame to allow proper ventilation under the mattress.

Does the bed remain safe regardless of the assembly option chosen?

Yes, the bed meets current high safety standards. The hybrid assembly has been designed so that each assembly option can ensure the safety of the child in all circumstances.

What are the options for assembly? 

Coco Village offers 6 assembly options: the house structure, the house structure with floor mattress, the house structure with bed frame, the house structure with bed frame and rails, the bed frame with rails and the bed frame alone. In addition, the house structure can be used in the playroom.

Can I buy pieces of different colors?

Yes, you can! All pieces are compatible with each other, regardless of color.

A glimpse of the process

Coco Village invites you into its creative universe. Discover all the inspiration behind the design.

Here's what to expect in the upcoming weeks

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Opening of the waiting list

March 15, 2023

Opening of the pre-orders

April 15, 2023

First delivery

June 2023

Second delivery

July 2023

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