It all started in 2018 with visionary parents. The founders of Coco Village found themselves faced with a lack in the market as they searched for something that didn't yet exist in America: minimalist and accessible children's toys and furniture.

It was the spark they needed to push the idea even further! From a new and local company to a globally recognized brand, Coco Village is positioning itself as a pillar in its industry by offering simple, gender-neutral and affordable children's items.

The use of noble materials and the conceptualization of sustainable products is a priority for the company, which places respect for the environment at the heart of its activities in order to offer a better future to future generations.


  • Products that are trendy, affordable and made of premium quality materials.
  • Products that are sustainable and eco-friendly.
  • Products that are inclusive and aligned with modern and progressive values.
  • Products that are designed by parents, with the child's happiness in mind, always.


A minimalistic, durable and safe signature, always.

Thanks to a passionate and creative team, Coco Village designs the best products for you. Every detail is well thought-out to offer an uncompromising design: quality materials at a competitive price, all with the same neat and minimalist aesthetics.


Ensuring a better future for next generations.

Respect for the environment is the priority. Coco Village always seeks to do more to reduce its ecological footprint as much as possible. The company, which has adopted a paperless shift, chooses to offer products made from noble and sustainable materials, with realistic and reasonable traceability. Coco Village believes that sustainable and environmentally viable production allows smart and respectful growth.


Offering what’s best to children

Fun and engaging toys to foster development through play. Coco Village promotes screen-free learning, where imagination, imitation and creativity are valued and encouraged. Coco Village places the child at the center of its work so that each of them can discover the world around them at their own pace. Coco Village wants each child to grow up and gain autonomy with fun and confidence.


Building solid foundations for sustainable growth

Respect is the source of any human relationship or activity. Coco Village demonstrates transparency, availability and responsiveness for anyone, at any time. With customers, suppliers or the team, Coco Village recognizes the role and involvement of each individual in its success and demonstrates its gratitude by showing the same respect for each and every one at all times.