Wooden Activity Table

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Coco Village takes you on an adventure between land and sea, through worlds and wonders!

The Activity Table invites discovery in two unique universes: one terrestrial, the other marine!

Toddlers can embark on a nautical exploration aboard the little sailboat, guided by the little buoys. Back on land, the hustle and bustle of the city is revealed through lush green trees and tiny houses. At the end of a busy day, all the accumulated memories of this wonderful trip can be deposited in the storage space under the table, until the next expedition!

Little explorers will be delighted!

How to assemble your Activity Table?

This is the step by step assembly video for your brand new Activity Table from Coco Village. Assembly instructions are also included in the box. Do not hesitate to refer to this video for a smooth and easy assemble experience!

Wooden Activity Table FAQ

What age is the activity table suitable for? 

The Wooden Activity Table is suitable for babies 18+ months.

How does an activity table benefit babies? 

It promotes motor skills, coordination, and cognitive development.

Are there any safety considerations for using an activity table? 

Ensure safety standards, supervise play, and make sure to maintain the activity table’s stability by placing it on an even surface.

Is there storage space for the parts?  

Yes, all the detachable parts of the activity table games can be stored in the space provided under the table.