Wooden Workbench Playset

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Get ready to craft and create!

The Wooden Workbench Playset is the ultimate addition to any playroom!

Introduce your little one to the world of woodworking and building adventures!

This is an excellent way to spark children's curiosity and interest in craftsmanship, encouraging them to develop their problem-solving skills while laying the foundation for practical know-how in the future.

Engaging in pretend play nurtures children's cognitive and social growth, fostering imaginative thinking, fine motor skills, and building empathy through role-playing and interaction. Imitation is a vital part of a child's motor and cognitive development! It's a fun and immersive activity that boosts confidence and cultivates a hands-on learning experience.

The Wooden Workbench Playset is an absolute blast! Its detailed tools are all included to create a complete and fun set. Its vibrant design adds a touch of creative flair to any playtime!


  • Length: 27,5" (70 cm)
  • Depth: 13.75" (35 cm)
  • Height: 37" (93,75 cm)


  • Ideal for ages 3+
  • Made of premium quality birch plywood
  • Exclusive design
  • ASTM / SOR Certified. This product meets all current standards for chemical components and safety in objects intended for child use
  • Varied activities to engage the senses and aid in cognitive development


Made for indoor use. Use a dry cloth to remove any dust. Clean with mild soap and water.

Wooden Workbench Playset FAQ

Are accessories included? 

Yes, all accessories are included to make the package as complete as possible. Accessories include various types of screws and bolts, as well as essential tools such as a hammer, wrench and screwdriver.

What age range is this product suitable for? 

The Wooden Workbench Playset is suitable from age 3, and is ideal up to age 5 or 6. However, there's no maximum age for use, and your child can play for as long as he likes, depending on his interests.

Is it safe for young children, given the small parts? 

Yes, it's important to respect the recommended age for this toy. What's more, supervision by a responsible adult is always necessary when children are handling toys.

Does it require assembly? If so, is it easy to assemble? 

Yes, the Wooden Workbench Playset requires assembly. Assembly is simple and well explained in the instruction manual included in the product box.You can also refer to the Coco Village assembly videos for more dynamic assistance.

Are the materials used in the workbench set safe for children? 

The product meets the highest safety standards for children's toys. 

Does the workbench have storage space for tools and accessories? 

All accessories can bestored in the workbench cabinets.

Can several children play with the workbench at the same time? 

Absolutely! Play is great for encouraging social interaction in children.