When planning for the arrival of a new baby, we often think of the practical aspect of things. Of course, there are purchases to be made in order to be ready: furniture, decorations, pajamas, towels, toys and playmat… and everything in between!

However, welcoming a baby is a happy and unique event… which disrupts much more than the family budget. For all the essentials to buy, we invite you to take a look at our website. For all the advice we really wish we had in order to prepare (as realistically as possible) for the arrival of our own little bundle of joy, you've come to the right place.



The first thing you need to know as a new parent is that it will take time to adjust to this new reality (and that's totally normal). This is a HUGE change for both baby and you! 

Take a deep breath, avoid comparing yourself to other parents and (above all) forget the idealized vision you had of your first moments with baby. Yes, it's normal for baby to cry a lot (it's their only way to communicate). Yes, it's normal to find it difficult at times (especially when the nights are punctuated by awakenings).



While we're at it, let's talk about sleep. We read everywhere that a newborn sleeps a lot. And by a lot we mean around 15 to 18 hours a day! What we don't read as much is that your little one wants above all to sleep tucked to you. Not in his bed. On you, dear parents! Our advice? Make sure you have a good baby carrier and/or a good sling so you can stay mobile (and as sane as possible in body and mind) while baby is sleeping.

Don't worry though, this period will pass in a heartbeat and baby will soon refuse to sleep or do any silly little thing in the pretty room that you have lovingly decorated for them while waiting for their arrival. In other words, take a deep breath and enjoy this shared moment of warmth and sweetness as much as you can.



A great strategy for coping with the arrival of a new baby is also to establish a routine as soon as possible. Please know that it will only help you if you have established it according to the habits and needs of YOUR family unit. Find your own cadence and go with it! 

A little tummy time in the morning, a sensory exploration of different textures (mostly in the mouth) before a nap, a stroll in the park in the afternoon... find a rhythm that suits you and enjoy those little moments of happiness.



The other thing you need to know about the routine is that it is constantly evolving. It might sound frustrating when you've finally found your rhythm, but (when you think about it twice) it's also wonderful. When necessary, adopt your new mantra as a parent and repeat: "everything is temporary". Sleep regressions, teething and (even) group feedings... all is temporary.

In this brand new adventure, the solution is often the one dictated by your instincts. Trust yourself and don't hesitate to ask for help if you feel overwhelmed. After all, why be alone when you can have a whole Village to help you?

That being said, the whole village welcomes you to this spooky and wonderful new role that is becoming a parent!

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